At Kleinfelder | Hood we strongly believe that our employees are the key driving force behind our success. We see the importance of providing an open, collaborative, and rewarding work environment for our employees.

We look for specific qualities in our Hoodlums:

  • – Thrives in a team environment
  • – Values client service
  • – Dedicated to quality of work
  • – Problem solver
  • – Professional & Social
  • – Driven for continuous learning and development

If you feel that we’ve just described you, than you might be a perfect Hoodlum. Visit our career opportunities below to see what types of Hoodlums that we are looking for.

Robin Mike Golf Hockey-Tournament Colleen Alta-Steel HR Team XMas2013
A Hoodlum since 1994: “I always feel a part of the team and had the opportunity to contribute to growing the company.”
A Hoodlum since 2007
2013 Annual Golf Tournament
4th Annual Hood Hockey Tournament
A Hoodlum since 2010 - “I love working at Hood because of the sense of community within the office. This is a company that truly cares about its employees, and it shows in the day to day office environment. Hood makes every employee feel like they have a voice and that their concerns and suggestions are valued.”
A Hoodlum since 1997
Our HR Department was recognized by the UofA School of Business for the 2013 Mentor of the year and Coop Student of Merit Awards.
2013 Christmas Party in Jasper